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What You Want (And What I  Offer):  Client Oriented Testing

You and your team build software and you’re looking for someone who can help you with software testing. Preferably one who likes to share his knowledge and who’s ultimate goal is to make himself superfluous. The whole approach to testing depends on what kind of information you need to make your business decisions. Some questions are:

  • Does the software meet given requirements/specifications?
  • What are the risks of releasing (or not releasing) the software?
  • How can we deploy continuously to our production system?

Depending on what exactly you need to know, the strategy, design and execution varies a LOT.
I help you to find the right questions for your business as well as set up a special tailored test approach for your product (or project).

As I wrote in “Testing And The Two Values of Software

Also, I definitely want my clients, as well as their clients, to be happy with the software I help to develop, not only today […].

And I mean it. I do believe great software is possible.

I’m available for contracting, coaching and training.
Contact me at

To help you figure out how I can help you, here are some examples of my work — be sure to check out the blogposts, too.

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Agile Testing Fellowship
Agile Testing Fellowship

Books and Contributions

I am the author of Fast Feedback Using Ruby:

A title page of a book, showing the shadows of a person (me) and a dog (mine) on a beach. The text on the title page: "Fast Feedback Using Ruby"; "Stephan Kämper", and "Updated to Ruby 3.1"
Fast Feedback Using Ruby

I contributed to “More Agile Testing” (Lisa Crispin, Janet Gregory); see Chapter 23, “Testing and DevOps”.
This is a description of testing your infrastructure in a DevOps team.

I also contributed the German translation of ‘Quick Tools for Agile Testing‘ (‘Prinzipien für Agiles Testen – 10 Prinzipien für Agiles Testen’).

A Selection of Bug Reports

Bug reports are one work product of testers. Here are some links to bugs I reported:

Some Code

Here’s some code I wrote:

    It’s a Ruby gem that helps to detect whether or not criteria are met for at least or at most a given number of elements in a collection.
    A simple file dumping tool with a long history. I wrote it 2004 in another world: I was made for Windows, used ISO-8859-1 as the character set, and also expecting another file system.
    It’s a pull request for cucumber-ruby, that fixes a NoMethodError that is raised, when cucumber  is executed and the environment variable CUCUMBER_COLORS is set.

What People on Say about the Feedback I Give

  • Very good at helping students find an optimal solution with many constructive advices.
  • Very helpful and patient. Nice chat about computer science in general. Thank you!
  • Great advice to help me clean up what I thought was a good simple approach for an even better one.
  • Extraordinary feedback guided me by giving insights about paradigms that I could use
  • Very good feedback. Found an issue I didn’t see and provided a way to write the code better using one of Ruby’s own built in method.

What People Said elsewhere on the Web


If you prefer that, here’s a more classical view in form of a PDF file.

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