A Week of “Rapid Testing Intensive”

I signed up for the Rapid Testing Intensive event starting next week and am looking forward to a week of learning new things about software testing.

I’ll attend online and if anyone would like to talk about it or team up with me, leave me a note in the comments below or contact me via @S_2K on Twitter. In case you like to follow the tweets about the event, the Twitter hash tag is #RTI1.

Edit: Since that hash tag is already in use, make that #RTI2012.

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  1. Hi Stephan,
    I am game for whatever idea you have.. teaming up or talking.
    My skypehandle: maiknogens , twitter: @MaikNog

  2. Actually, the ‘teaming up’ is related to the participants: The onsite attendees will form a team (or teams?) and so can the ‘onliners’. Anyway, let’s talks about testing. 🙂


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